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Enchanté by Summer and Joseph - A review.

Huge anticipation since the opening of Enchanté by two young men with a passion for food. Enchanté is a pop-up French cuisine fine-dining experience, so I made my booking a month ago. Today, finally I can go to expeience this new in town for a limited period offer. The menu offers bold attenpts of Sino-French fusion to molecular gastronomy dishes to highten your senses. Friendly services and positive interaction between diners and staff. Of course and not least, great value for what you get. If I benchmark with the top restuarants, the menu certainly can improve a lot. My verdict is food is about passion and I see passion in the food and that makes it great.

Link to Youtube: 【入得廚房】工廠大廈裡的「米芝蓮」


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