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The NEW Panasonic Lumix CM1

The new Panasonic Lumix CM1 is finally here in Hong Kong last Tuesday and like many gear head, I cannot resist the temptation of getting one for myself.

Having owned a few camera phones before, such as the LG Camera Phone, the LG L-03C which uses a Pentax Lens. The Samsung Zoom and K Zoom nad the Samsung Galaxy Camera, so I was curious to know how this new toy play against this. Of course, before the CM-1, there is the Lumix phone. Sadly, I got the LG phone instead of the Lumix (both Japanese phone and at that time need to be unlocked in order for them to work outside Japan).

Well, this article is not intended to be a technical one but to tell readers what I think of this new CM1 based on my experience with other camera phones. Of course, this is my personal opinion only.

The phone itself. The camera phone is very stylish of what I have seen. Good design, like the best of both German and Japanese merged together. Although is an andriod phone and the speed is quite good (comparing with my Samsung Note 4 Edge). I have installed Lightroom Mobile (although the loading time is a bit slow but I can live with it).

The Camera. The best thing about CM-1 is there is a quick buttom on top (of course you can swipe on the screen to get to the camera mode without login), it is real quick so you won't miss a shot. The Jpeg is very good and the best thing is it able to shot in RAW!!!!

What I find amazing is the ability to take good pictures. However, it is more like a Lumix phone. For those who are familiar with the settings of the Lumix phone, I am sure you guys will be feel ease at home. However, I still need time to get use to the various settings.

Two comments are: The screen is too bright and not what you see what you get. It would be nice if this is the case. Second thing is, after taking each picture (in RAW and JPEG), the processing time is quite long (okay, I know is RAW). Perhaps a faster processer next time?

Another thing about this camera phone, I got the original case, which is great, it covers the lens nicely which not in use and can flip over when in use. So, I would recommend to all who wish to get this camera phone.

Anyway, here are some of photos I took with the Camera Phone and my view is people will be hungry for larger size sensor in phones. Perhaps one day they will put a M4/3 sensor there? But until this day, it seems the 1 inch sensor is here to stay.

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