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Money Vs Riches - The concept of wealth as explained by Roger Lam

When you start reading, it sounds familar? Something straight out of Batman* and American Psycho. A boy born in a rich family and faces radical change and later become a handsome, young urban professional, lives a life as an ibanker but he has his own demons, personal stuggles and conflict.

Reading the book is like walking the jounery with Roger. You can taste the mind of the banker, the world of finance, which sounds very familiar to many who work in Hong Kong, where money rules. However, like all superhero, he draw his powers from God. How he was able to conquer his own demons and learn how to listen to God and do the right thing. At the end, without much spoliers, I can say is you will feel how the shawshank redemption ends.

For Christian and non-Christian, I recommend this book. You need to read more than once. The first time really fast (yes, you know you want to know what is in the book) but the second time, go slow, like wine tasting, I am sure you will get something out of it. Yes, it is personal and what interesting is you never who lies ahead of you. So, you have no choice but to accept your are in God's hand.

* Why I use Batman as an anology was because the hero does not possess any superpowers; rather, he relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and indomitable will to fight the villans. Here, Roger does not possess any superpowers (I don't think he has? really?) but reading from the book, i am sure he has the wealth, power and faith from God to fight with his personal demons.

The book is now available in Amazon.

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