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My review of the new Fujifilm Instax Monochrome film

Well, everyone were exicted when we hear Fujifilm rolling out the Monchrome (black and white) instax mini film. One might think why monchrome? Isn't colour and that hazzy focusing great? But if you think back about the great Polaroid black and white, you just want more. Mind you, Fujifilm is going to release the square version so can't wait to get my hands on them

So, since the Instax mini SP-1 (and now the even better SP-2) out, we can technically printout great monchrome photos from our mobile phones and cameras. You can get as sharp as you can and as much details but still something not quite right?

For Instax, isn't the rule of the thumb is those blurry, sharp and in between not sharp the look you are looking for? Lomo did that and they have plenty of Instax cameras too. A bit more difficult to handle from the Fuji ones but in case you're a film lover, you should have no problem mastering these fun machines.

I mean, they are not meant for serious photography? Or are they? But I am sure it will give you hours (or mins) of fun (until the film ran out). So, two weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on these goodies, monochrome film and starting shooting. No, I did not try out shooting outdoors (unlike the colour ones). I think we should try indoors with some moody shot. Of course, you will need a lot of light.

Here are my samples, shot with Fujifilm Mini 90 NEO CLASSIC:

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