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The previous Leica phone (exclude Huawei, not a fan) was back in the summer of 2015. Now, like all other Leica products, the next Leica phone has finally arrived. The Leica Leitz Phone 1.

Let me talk about the design of the phone.

If you read my previous review on the CM-1, I have predicted the 1 inch sensor is here to stay. I even say, M4/3 sensor will be the thing for a truly mind-blowing experience. However, after 6 years, we are still in the 1 inch sensor. Okay, I know, bigger sensor means bigger phone. But, how many of you who owns a Leitz Phone 1 will use it as your normal phone?

Anyway, I am not complaining about the design of the phone. Sleek and trendy and a bit iPhone like look. Think of Leica T, great design but never catches on. Personally, is one of the favorite design of Leica.

But Leica did save the day. Lens cap!!!!! I am sure it will be expensive if you lost it and buy another one for replacement. In real life, it is difficult to lose it as the magnetic force is strong enough to hold it. The bottom of the cap has a place where you can use you finger to lift it is a nice touch. It makes the phone more stand out from others and if you a Leica fan, you do appreciate the silver cap, something bring back memories of old Leica lens.

In real life shooting, I would take the lens cap off and put it somewhere safe. Using the phone to shoot is a joy but you need to play around with the setting. Maybe I am getting old, you can only get RAW in M.Photo mode. Leitz Look, is like the M Monochrom in phone mode (as expected, the Leica look).

Since, this is my first week using the phone and I got an advice that shooting RAW will be great, which I will definitely try it out. Well, this article is not intended to be a technical one but to tell readers what I think of this new Leica Leitz Phone 1 based on my experience. Of course, this is my personal opinion only.

Here are some shots in Hong Kong all using Leitz Look:

The Camera. The best thing about Leica Leitz Phone one is using the latest Android phone. However, if you are like me buying the Japanese import., then you will get all the pre-installed software from Softbank and not your local ones. However, since it is a Android systems, you can transfer your stuff to the new phone (but would you? I won't because, I hate shooting my next masterpiece and get interrupted by whatsapp or phone call). Of course, you get Google Phones for storage even you can use 1TB SD Card as storage, which is a great thing.

As expected, the Leica Leitz Phone takes amazing phone but why no raw in all mode? Apart from that you still get your google lens mode for other shots.

Compared to the CM-1, the screen is excellent! No complaint at all. With the Snapdragon processor, nothing much can go wrong. The case is also a very nice touch. Rubbery, so that you can hold the phone feeling safe.

Should you get the sharp R6? Nah, if you are a true Leica fan, get the real thing. When you shoot, you get the frame line as you would in a Leica camera (except the wide angle? So, it is like the M3 that if you put on the 21mm, you don't have the frame line. Why? Anyway, this is for Leica to resolve.

Here are the spec, if you want to take a look.

My final verdict. Excellent phone and a must buy for fans. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but if you already buying Leica, you shouldn't be complaining! But until this day, it seems the 1 inch sensor is here to stay.

Here is a shot using the Portrait mode:

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