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Film Review: Malila, the Farewell Flower.

The Movie

I was intended to watch another Mavel film but somehow I end up watching this film instead. It is not usual for a mainstream cinema house to show something like this. So, without the special effects, explosions and action packed sequence, I opted for something I need to think, process and understand in order to enjoy for my evening.

The above film poster catches my eye. I also noted there were Chinese Traditional characters "Golden Horse", which is in competition I guess and further I look, the film itself has won the Silver Screen Award in the Singapore International Film Festival, Silver Crow Pheasant Award for Best Director, International Film Festival of Kerala 2017 and Kim Jiseok Award of the 22nd Busan International Film Festival. I am sure, it will have more success coming soon.

As this is a around the Country (in Thailand) showing, I was able to speak to the director (ANUCHA BOONYAWATANA) and actor (ANUCHYD SAPANPHONG) for quite sometime before as well as after the film, which gave me some insight to the film.

While looking at the poster, I was intriged to the photography of the posters. Like photographer, the photos have already captured the spirit of the film, which i asked (a bit stupid), "is it a love story? I mean a sad love story?".

Well, you have to always prepare to watch film which explore love, sexuality or life? At that time, I do not know what films the director has previously directed (later I know the Blue Hour was his previous film, which from the trailer I watched from youtube was more of fast pace, sexual awakening(?), horror(?) kind of film). Anyway, my first instant before watching this film was the impression is some more depth to that, which I have to find out watching the film.

ANUCHYD SAPANPHONG (playing Pich) told me he love this photo. I do as well. I was thinking if the photographer was using the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 asph with M9? It was a softer and most likely a CINE lens. Love the colour as well. It brings out the flower and also the mood of the film.

I would divide the film in the three parts. The first part being the main character, Shane, who suffer great deal of lost. His lover, Pich, somehow returns to see his friend/lover, Shane. throughout the film, I can feel the sadness between Shane and Pich, the various emotion between them, friendship, lover, hate, love and betrayal. The second part is the relationship between Shane and Pich and how they face the inevitable and also religion. I think relgion play a big part in the film as this come in repentance and rebrith/reborn. Something to start afresh and forget the past. The last part of the film is where Shane to face his own demons.

There is not many dialogue in the film but enough to get you thinking and understand the relationship betweem Shane and Pich. Sometimes, it doesn't need to much as ANUCHYD can do so much acting and emotions through his eyes. A very unique attributes that making the soul of the film.

Excellent casts and a great director.

A rare gem indeed.

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