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Dreams with Films Dan Yip's 2nd Solo Photo Show

This is Dan Yip's second solo photo exhibition.

Compared with his first solo exhibition, I find there are surprises, new medium for the audience to experience. Even it is a film exhibition, the use of light and the venue is surprisingly good.

Dan's style of photography soft of a mixture of documentary or street photography but I would say is more a reflection of local culture with a hint of design where it is truely something born and breed in Hong Kong. To a local Hong Konger, the subject of his photos are no stanger issues but they way he present his ideas, concept are no doubt easily recognised as his own.

Unlike the first exhibition, where you will find the bloodly butcher shop, now you will see more colourful representation of Hong kong tag with a lot of recent social issues. It is not something you should not be miss and visit the exhibition. Dan will give you a personal tour of his latest work.

Below is the information of Dan's exhibition. It will continue until the end of this month.


Dreams with Films Dan Yip's 2nd Solo Photo Show Room C, 12/F, Por Mee Factory Building, No 500 Castle Peak Toad, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon. 2015/Aug/22~23, 29~30 (1200~1800)

Presenting a Hong Kong that is still colorful and hopeful, I explore the vitality of this city with a dying photographic medium, film. To experience film more truthfully, I, in the last two years, even used lens and cameras that had been made between 1930s and 1950s. Choose the right film, f-stop, focus, shutter speed, and compose every time before pressing the shutter-button. Every press means something. Among thousands of snaps, this solo photo show will show you only thirty pieces of my work.

My 1st solo photo show in 2014, Kiss with Streetshttps:

My work between 2013 and 2014:

My work between 2014 and 2015:

For those can't come to the show in person, I will make an online FB version of it, youtube links that contain brief explanation of each photo in English and Cantonese. It should be available in September. My friends overseas, you will miss nothing, except the opportunity of talking with me face-to-face.

Dreams with Films

丹葉的第二次個人攝影展 九龍,長沙灣,青山道五百號,百美工業大厦,十二樓,C室。 二零一五年/八月/廿二至廿三号及廿九至三十號,中午至下午六時



本人首次於二零一四年個人攝影展 (see above link)

二零一三至一四年作品: (see above link)

二零一四至一五年作品: (see above link)


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