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Stage Photos of Rainbow Reflection 舞台劇《六色光·彩虹》December 2016 Director 導演 - Gia Yu 余玉華

Thank you Gia for the opportunity for me to be the photographer for their dress rehearsal.

For stage photography, one need a good camera (with high ISO) and a large aperture lens but at the same time you should able to focus fast enough to get decent shots. So, I just use my Leica SL with the Leica APO-Summicron-M 90mm f/2 ASPH. The reason I choose the APO 90mm over other more powerful lens such as the Noctilux or 35mm Summilux was not only the low light situation but a lens that can truly capture the artist movement during the show. Of course the 50mm APO is strong contender in this department but my final decision is the 90mm APO because would give a better look to the actor and often I cannot walk too close to the stage. Hence, one camera and one lens is my choice of gear.

Regarding the stage theatre, you can watch the director thoughts and views in the below youtube video.

Click below for the youtube interview:

What were my thoughts on the play? i must say here I am no expert in theatrical world but based solely my experience and therefore my views are only from a layman's perspective.

Well, i understand the show has been shown to students with a strong message. Perhaps more conversative people may have a strong view on this? Setting aside the LGBT movement and human rights argument, bascially, the message in the play is very clear. It is a matter of personal choice and the right to respect this choice from others.

Being able to watch the show, the performance of the cast are quite good, very strong actors leading the two younger ones. The dialogue are interesting while the story is somewhat predictable that both younger hero/heroine will be themselves (well, the title did tell you that!). Of course, some of the scenes are quite cliche but overall it has its charm, humour and expectation that will provoke the audience with some deep thinking. I personally think the play itself can go deeper into the family relationship as well as friendship and work to give a more complexity of the characters, nevertheless, this is supported by two extremely good supporting characters and making the play successful!

Overall, it was very enjoyable, very well done & thought provoking to the audience. :)

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